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Title: Winter Activities
Post by: MommyPants on February 03, 2011, 03:17:39 pm
What winter activities has your family been doing?

We've had several, I suppose.  First comes the winter sewing and knitting, to get everyone properly outfitted for the weather.  Then comes winter proofing the house to keep it warm.  Then we have the beginning of fireplace season!  How fun it is to have a fire on the hearth most days!  The kids have been enjoying the snow - sledding, building a snow man, shoveling with their little snow shovels, feeding the birds and watching their bird feeders, and just running through the snow playing!  We are enjoying winter foods - soups, baked dinners, hearty stew, chili.  And snuggling up in rockers by the fire or under the blankets in bed is certainly a favorite pastime!  :D

Title: Re: Winter Activities
Post by: kelly s on March 15, 2011, 09:00:39 pm
we've baked lots of bread and made lots of soup.  we went on vacation to warmer weather, which was super fun!  we've had fun playing in the snow.

oh, how I wish we had a fireplace.  we get our fire time during the warmer months when we're camping. :camp: